Contact me

Jim Grauel

PO Box 990808, Redding, CA 96099-0808

Phone (530) 241-1942  Cell (530) 209-9006

*Cancellations - Request cancellations for non graduates by email.  Non graduates will be  confirmed by the   school.                                                                                *Refunds - Please allow 2-4 weeks from date items are returned unopened to the address above.

                                                                                                 *Returns - Please send returned items unopened to the address above.   Please send returned items with tracking.  Not responsible for lost items shipped and refunds will not be given if items are not received or if they have been opened.                                                                                              *Deliveries -   Caps and Gowns will be delivered prior to  graduation and will vary by school.  If ordering within 2 weeks of graduation, they will be delivered to the school by hand at their graduation practice or by shipment to the school by UPS or Fed Ex.  Please check with your school for scheduled delivery date or contact your rep above by email or by phone for additional information.  Thank you.